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TMR would like to thank ...

TMR would like to thank all the writers, speakers, audience members and musicians who have contributed to these events.

With special mention to those who made it possible: Karen Johnson, John Robb, Gerry O’Boyle, Veronica Ronnie Le Frenchette , Rodger Grant at Three Blind Mice, Mike Morris and The Writing On The Wall Team, Alex Finlayson at Shoreditch Festival, Vic Ian Jennings Ferrari and Stuart Carnston at The Gathering, Phil Ross at Charterhouse Bar. Mark Read and all at Star And Shadow Cinema, Newcastle.

Also: Chris Salewicz for designing our first onsite advertising poster (from a cardboard Strongbow box and borrowed marker pen) at The Secret Garden. Dennis Bovell for his unplanned contributions to the Lee Perry night, Jeff Dexter for giving so freely of his Jimi stories.

Zoe Howe, Annaledoespoetry for having faith and getting to the heart of Hendrix ...and more. Sophie Page Hall and Grassy Noel and Jerry Dammers. Johnny Brown and Inga Tilere.

The Quietus for Editorial Support. and Charlotte Delaney for airtime and to her late mother, Shelagh, for contributing to the Elvis TMR 10.

Mucho gratitude to Neil Warburton for help with CD design of CD compiled for TMR Elvis. Liam Ryan for Logo Design. 


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