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the story so far

Staged at the invitation of Mike Morris at the Writing On The Wall Festival Liverpool at Parr Street Studios Liverpool

Paul Du Noyer (McCartney’s official Bigrapher) shared insights from his book Liverpool Wondrous Place and elsewhere

Phil Thornton read a piece by Nik Cohn piece on The Beatles

Colin Hall spoke about his job as curator caretaker of Lennon’s childhood home at Mendips

Zoe Howe on Beatles parenting

Ian Prowse read from early Beatles manager Alan Williams' memoir The Man Who Gave Away The Beatles

Gavin Martin read his personal account of Paul McCartney's National Trust curated chidhood home To Allerton and Forthlin Road



May 17th, 2010

Dean Johnson talked about growing up in The Beatles shadow and told how, since the last Beatles TMR, he’d been invited to compose a song ‘with’ the help of abandoned George Harrison lyrics and rounded off the evening with a live set including the song,  Silence Is Its Own Reply.

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