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Gavin Martin was born in Belfast Northern Ireland 1961 and raised in Bangor Co Down where, in 1977, he published the fanzine Alternative Ulster, which soon lent its title to the Stiff Little Fingers punk anthem.

NME's Irish correspondent from 1978 - 1980 he moved to London in 1980 where, as feature writer and Media Editor, he interviewed such legends as Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone, James Brown, Willie Dixon, Willie Nelson, Willie Never Shut Up, Dave Allen, Madonna, Oliver Stone, Sir Van Morrison, Joe Strummer, The Sex Pistols, Pete Townshend, Sting and - to his eternal and lasting shame - U2 , more times than it is healthy to recall.

His pieces on Michael Jackson, Van Morrison and Frank Sinatra have appeared, respectively, in The Faber Book Of Pop and Rock n Roll Is Here To Stay and Gavin has written for many publications including The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, El Europeo, Loaded, GQ, Uncut, Classic Rock, Rock n Roll Confidential. Gavin's work features on the Rocksbackpages website and he is currently STILL the Daily Mirror's Music Critic, as he has been for 15 years. His weekly  column feature album reviews and an interview is published every Friday.

The ongoing Talking Musical Revolutions live event which, in recent times, has  featured one on one onstage interviews with Mike Scott, Suggs, Kevin Rowland helped pave the way to Gavin's latest venture  - the debut album Gavin Martin's Talking Musical Revolutions , released December 2016. Based around the spoken word pieces Gavin has taken to writing and performing  since 2008 the album features a host of musicians from across England and is produced by Kelly Munro.

Gavin is currently resident in St Leonards On Sea. England is drowning and he lives by the channel. Happy Daze.

December 2016

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