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At last a public forum for Talking Musical Revolutions!

Every Sunday night at 8pm on RADIOGJ.COM

I shall be hosting and presenting an hour long, exquisitely themed, show.

The fun and action, the anguish and deliberation, begins tomorrow night (Sunday November 7th 8pm).

The first of a two part programme this will feature some of the the greatest opening album title tracks (NB that’s title tracks that open an album, not just “great title tracks”) before we head out to the weeks and months of Sunday nights that lie ahead.

It’s a great wide universe that awaits where, amongst other fantastic and senses stalling emanations African Soul Comes Through Slaughter, Sunshine Dread shines in the City of Dreams., the mighty humbled, the meek gratified and the whole sanctified if not pscyhedelisised

Peter Tosh, Misty In Roots, Dusty, Gwen Guthrie, The Misunderstood, Swamp Dogg, The Cheiftains and The Rolling Stones - and a teeming cast of millions, many yet unmarked or unnamed - await, for your delectation and inspection.

If you miss the broadcast there’s no excuse to miss the show because it will be uploaded thereafter on Mixcloud.

Thanks to Brent Jackson and Ben Stride for this opportunity - and for providing such a warm welcome this past week at the GJ rest, relaxation and preparation spa.

After these 24/7 sessions with the team Talking Musical Revolutions stands ready, willing and able to serve up what the nation - nay, what the planet - requires, until further notice.

We’re going all the way mama, until the wheels come off…


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