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Theresa has to gift Toby the prize of the Uni Tsar post because its a symbol of what she will do for Boris and Michael.

The rank degeneracy of these people is something to behold.

Your average rock baccannal - poor quality snort, roadie copping off with singer's girlfriend or vice versa - It just cant compete.

Devilish DUP romancing Damian Greenscreen is barely out the door, trousers round wankles with David D humbled over grumble but what about all the other things on that list?

The entire way these gargoyles GET AWAY WITH IT?

That's forgot about - there's always Daffy Donald as a sideshow.

When I say these people I dont just mean Tories.

Original sweaty sack of shit sex pest/ Blair sidekick Prescott?

I near immolated when he swaggered near, with his security detail at an airport oncet upon a time.

Same deal with Cameron, out running along the river opposite with his security detail, bout 18 months before he sailed off into the deep blue of a family tax haven.

Close up eye to eye just outside the BFI on Southbank.

As you do!

You might recall Demon Dave wanted a “big conversation” on seagulls but the ham faced fuck shrivelled away from the prophetic happenstance of this Orange Seagull.

Cleaned up and released into the wild by the good folk at Vale Wildlife Hospital

the gull was , an ordained or hapless signifier of the Orangery to come - the DUP holding up Theresa, that most orange of ballon faces Donald Trump to the Presidency.

But I had my own fantasy about what the gull might have portended and the brilliant Pip Hall helped me realise it.

A previous generation had Coledrige and The Albatross from Morphine and mUshrooms.

This generation gets me and The Orange Gull now from rivoroxoban, Prasugrel, Bisoporol and ...etc.

It must be the drugs!

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