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Newsnight Drop Theresa Sex Bomb!

Really thankful -

to all the people helping me roll the snowball up the sandhill way

through the Sahara just as we get rounded up for May


As we're learning to feel all Reich like we will be in June

Playing music in fascist Italy when the El Duce did croon

Philip smiling here on another Newsnight puff piece

Theresa's sex life provides an added release

Its One in your eye for the WI

Go and stand with your face to the wall

Imagine 1000 pound leathers wrapped round something tall.

A bromide for the liberals and twats

Time to have a new Party

And release the Ian Katz

A poem a day coming up to the erection Sorry election for the stand up straight House of Correction Mammoms skyscrapers In the sacred square mile and a Sturgeons pins To aid the smile. Of legs and a safe pair of hands The electorate are getting sweaty around the glands Its ridiculous to think its out to do with sex, going into a box, placing your x

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