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A week since I played two support gigs to Ian Prowse at The Islington London, appeared at Come Down And Meet The Folks at The Apple Tree (all went well, thanks, met some fantastic people I surely hope to see again) and the radio edited version of The Pistols Of Sex was premiered on Louder Than War . So far the latter has had one radio play - from John Kennedy on Radio X who made the track his hot one of the evening and called it 'extraordinary'.

Thanks for noticing, John. Thanks to Coquin Migale for playing along and Kelly Munro for bringing us together in perfect disharmony.

I'd like to teach the world to sing, sing this song, but for how long? And what the #*%!! could go wrong?

Hoping for more plays elsewhere for The Pistols Of Sex after a further radio edit ( removing my 'arse') is posted to the nation's favourite stations' relevant platforms.

I also hope to get the chance to premiere a track from the album I will bring along. Given I am leaving one coastal domicile to go to another The Legend Of The Orange Gull, the fantasy inspired by this report in The Guardian newspaper almost a year ago seemed appropriate.

Our noble and gracious ferryman to Brexit, aka former Premier David Cameron, had asked for there to be a big conversation about seagulls. This is my small contribution to a much ignored call of the Bullingdon boy.

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