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So, you're wondering. Where is the album?

Its almost finished. Most of it is recorded.

But there's been some last minute developments. The first track The revolutionary For orty Gallagher garnered such good responses and unexpected radio plays, nationally from Tom Robinson (twice) and locally from Gary Crowley and Ralph Mclean (Radios London and Ulster respectively) that a further relationship with Bristol's brilliant Family Jools has been ajudged worth expoloring further.

But there will be another track, from those that have been recorded, released to a world that is simply gagging for it very soon .

Copies of the numbered limited to 5o copies edition of The Revolutionary on EP - with 3 exclusive tracks unavailable elsewhere - are still available. Drop a line if you want to buy one.

Live date too are upcoming.

Gavin Martin will appear as the support to Ian Prowse on the Amsterdam/Pele Fireworks tour date at The Islington on Tolpuddle Street N1 on April 8.

Gavin will also be talking his musical revolutions up at Alan Tylers convivial Come Down And Meet The Folks on Suday April 9 at the Apple Tree Clerekenwell Ec1.

ON June 4 Gavin is one of the supports at The Albert in Brighton when The Doctor's of Madness play their first gig in that seaside haven in...40 years. FORTY years. The Doctors of Madness, supported by Gavin and Lilybud.

The Doctors of Madness, lost punk heroeS ARE GO. THERE'S A LOT OF IT ABOUT...

Here they are :

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