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Its here...Revolution Day, 14/12/16.

In a few hours from now The Revolutionary, the first track from my debut album Gavin Martin's Talking Musical Revolutions will be up and online.

Rory Gallagher - who I first heard , aged 5, practising in a garage on Sheridan Drive Ballyholme Bangor Co Down - is the subject of The Revolutionary.

I saw Rory in 1976 in The Ulster Hall. I wrote The Revolutionary four years ago - about that night and other memories of the modest lrish legend who's earth shaking music conquered the world.

I'm glad to see that a statue is, finally, being built in Belfast where Rory regularly played during the years when the city, wracked by bombs, bullets and sectarian hatred, was avoided by many.

Rory was healer, a Prince, a musical master and an actual communal lightning rod, sure Shaman's a legend.

So he is.

Believe me if I could bottle the atmosphere that existed that night in the Ulster Hall in 76, that togetherness, that exuberance of feeling...

Well, suffice to say, it was all I ever wanted, and will ever want from, or could ask for from music.

For The Revolutionary my producer and spirit guide Kelly Munro has matched my words to an awesome piece of music that sharp eared listeners will recognise as the work of Bristol's finest The Family Joolz.

Rory's brother, Donal, who I have gotten to know over the past decade, has been generous enough to say that the words of The Revolutionary capture the Rory Genie.

Soon - very, very, very soon - that Genie is going to be out of the bottle.

Until then here's Rory being out of fucking site, onstage at The Isle of Wight...

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