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Gearing up for Fat Tuesday and and a influx of vinyl magic here in Hastings we have Exciting news to impart.

Talking Musical Revolutions returns to The Boogaloo Bar in Highgate London N6 on Wednesday March 4 2015.

This will be a break from the usual TMR format .

For a start - eek alors and fan me down with a (very) old copy of NME - its a pay in event and for a second its all about me.

Well, me and Kevin Rowland.


A straight a to b, soup to nuts, alpha to omega, from before the beginning to after the end, up close and poisonal armchair chat with the man behind one of the most compelling careers in modern music.

And Kevin Rowland (boom, tish). Hi Tish!

This follows on from The July 2010 TMR at The Flapper Birmingham to mark the 30th Anniversary of Dexys (then Dexys Midnight Runners) Searching For The Young Soul Rebels life altering debut album.

Kevin wasnt there so it is a real rare pleasure and privilege to host him at this event.


Well ,from Burn It Down To Nowhere Is Home, From THIS is What She's Like through Thunder Road and being up on the balcony of the Duke of York "incape, incape incape incape...incapable of ..." the TMR has watched as our Kev scaled the soul soaring peaks. The three nights with the boxer boot and ponytail incarnation at the Old Vic.?

Are you kidding me?

You know the deal he's NEVER shortchanged us the passion burned through every fibre of his being. The stuff that has your heart flying away. All that , simply - it's what he does.

But at The Boogaloo,on March 4th, we will settle for a nice cup of tea and a good chat. Hope to see you all there.

Gavin Martin

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