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we bring joy to the world

what we do


we take events from idea stage right through to closure of the final show, planning, organizing, coordinating, compèring and managing

our team of compères includes the much loved in-compèrable wordsmith gavin martin

it is true what they say- size doesn't matter:
no event is too big or too small for our competent team





we write songs, poems, plays or scripts for artists, events and the general public - in addition to theatrical productions articles can be prepared for any occasion s​uch as a wedding, birthday or anniversary to make it unique and memorable

calling all musicians ~ we can write lyrics for your music ~ call on us


we produce documentaries and films of a wide variety including investigative studies to expose past and present abuses of humanity

we use our extensive networks to promote artists' work, at our discretion

this includes showcasing art pieces on our website ~ this is a free service ~ we only ask for £10 to cover the administrative cost of uploading the artwork to our site

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Lets Talk.​



​"I had no idea idea what I was going to….. an evening dedicated to Jimi Hendrix , and it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable evenings I have experienced, as was the Tropicalia night, to which I contributed. Gavin has come up with a brilliant format for people who are seriously interested in music that edifies as well as gives a platform for like-minded people to gather (and have a drink!)."
Phil Manzanera-Roxy Music guitarist

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